Three Travel Jobs As A Way To Tour The World


Many people dream of being paid to travel the world but this is a misconception held by many idealistic characters. In reality, while there are jobs out there that involve a great deal of travel, nobody in their right mind is going to pay you simply for travelling around the world on an endless holiday. If you don’t mind undertaking jobs during your travel, it is advisable to study the many career paths that give the opportunity for travel as well as earning. So if you are interested in seeing the world and getting paid for it, read on.


One of the most common jobs of those abroad is to teach English to native populations. As an English teacher it is possible to travel much of the world, both developed and developing as the call to speak English is always in high demand. With many websites on the internet today, it is possible to find work from Australia to Uzbekistan. Europe, Asia and even Africa will be open to you in English teaching jobs.

Fundamentally you will need a good grasp of the English language to perform these teaching jobs. In addition many schools will request you to have a TEFL certificate before you travel to ensure you are suitably qualified. This is not the case everywhere however, for those travelling to Thailand it is sometime possible to find jobs in the local paper and be hired with no semblance of formal teacher training. How much money you can make in these jobs varies depending upon where your travel plans have taken you. In some countries it is even possible to receive a house or flat as part of your work contract.

If teaching is not preferable, adventure travel jobs could be the answer. You must be able to cope with extended periods of time on the road and must be able to get on with people at close quarters. Leading a tour group as they travel around an area is the ideal way to see some of the most beautiful sites in the world. the adventure holiday industry is currently rapidly expanding meaning that jobs are common at the present moment.

The chance to climb majestic mountains or travel across the desert or in a jungle can all form part of these fascinating job roles. Naturally you will need good leadership qualities to lead tour groups being able to cope with stress is a prerequisite. While these jobs are not exceptionally well paid, while you are on tour you will spend next to nothing as all of your expenses are included. The opportunity to make extra on the side through tips and commission can make jobs in the adventure holiday industry a brilliant way to save.

Travel can be one of the most inspiring experiences in life and hence becoming a travel writer can be the next logical step if you want to be paid as you navigate the world. Being paid for your thoughts on a region or resort can be an extremely enjoyable job. Currently there are many magazines and guides on the market that constantly need writers. Hence, if you can find a new story in a well known area or have the ability to put down in words the uniqueness of a location, writing could be the answer. Writers are not well paid however, but sitting on the beach with a laptop makes a welcome difference to a desk in an office.

All in all travel jobs are rarely exceptionally well paid. It is more the case that these types of work give you experiences rather than financial gains. So if you are not driven by monetary concerns and instead want to become wealthy in experiences and memories, travel jobs could be the answer.