How To Learn More About Camping And Travelling


How to learn more about camping can come from many resources, you probably use a few of them already. Here is a list of ways to learn more about camping – How to, what equipment to take, how to plan holiday, learn about camp cooking, where to go etc.


  • An obvious one is to read sbout camping from the internet
  • Read books and magazines purchased locally, on your travels or from the internet
  • Use road maps, holiday guides, brochures etc to get a better understanding of your region or interstate you want to travel to
  • DVDs are an excellent source of information. There have been many travel and adventure Australia DVDs been produced
  • Ask the staff at your local camping, boating, fishing, 4WD stores for appropriate information
  • Forums are a great source of information for camping, travelling, camp cooking, fishing, 4wd and much more
  • Camping, 4WD, Caravan & RV Shows are an excellent source. Ask the sales people any questions you may have about products. Best of all you can compare many products quality, prices all in one place

My favorite would have to be when you are camping & travelling is walking around the campground, holiday park etc your staying at and seeing what other campers are using. Most campers and travelers love to tell you about their camper, RVetc.

There is many ways to learn about camping and travelling but usually after the intial planning and preparation the best way to learn is to experience it. Happy Camping and Travelling!