3 Celebrity Cruise Tips for the Land Down Under!


When you are craving for the ocean and your feet are itching for the feel of the sand between your toes, a Celebrity cruise trip to Australia and New Zealand will not disappoint you. These two regions are teeming with coastal resorts and island wildlife adventures that are sure to satisfy the beach bum in you.


1. Great Ocean Road Panorama:

The Great Ocean Road Panorama trip in Melbourne, Australia allows you to experience the breathtaking view of the seas and the landscapes in the region with a dramatic drive along the coast of Melbourne. This Celebrity Cruise package will also leave you a fan of the beautiful view of the Melbourne skyline and the famous Port Phillip Bay. If you are a beach lover, you will have a fabulous time.

As enjoyable as it is, you will be surprised to find that the Celebrity Cuise tour does not end with the coastal ride. You will continue to drive to the green sanctuary of the Otway Ranges, home to many tree-dwelling koalas. This is a unique opportunity for you to observe Australia’s beloved creature in its natural habitat.

The trip also has a historical side which is equally fascinating. You will get the chance to see some excellent sculptures at the Apollo Bay. You will also be able to observe the remnants of what is known as “The Shipwreck Coast” at the Port Campbell National Park. Bring out your camera as soon as you get to the site where the Twelve Apostles stand. This remarkable row of 12 stone pillars is a sight to behold and one that definitely needs to be captured on camera.

2. Alpine Hammer Springs & Jet Boat Tour:

The mountain view of Christchurch, New Zealand is now just a drive way with the Celebrity Cruise package bringing you deep into the green areas of the region. You will begin a road trip that will give you more than enough breathtaking views of the mountains of New Zealand.

A drive through Port Hills is next on the agenda after the boat ride. There will be brief stopovers for your visit to the farming community of Amberly and the wineries of Waipara. Another photo opportunity arises as you briefly visit the Mudhouse House Winery. As you go further and reach the Southern alps, the newly renovated 1930s Heritage Hanmer Lodge will slowly come into view. You will be in for a historic dining experience as you have your buffet lunch in an art deco setting inside the Heritage Hotel.

After the hotel luncheon, you will be driving to the area where your jet boat tour will be waiting for you. The Celebrity Cruise deal will already cover your safety equipment for your boat trip along the Waiau River. The ride will let you experience the scenic views of the Canterbury hills and observe the quaint sheep farming community in the region.

3. Kayaking the Coast:

Even if you are new to this sport, you will definitely have a blast kayaking in the coast of Melbourne, Australia. This Celebrity Cruise package includes your beginner’s lessons, equipment, and travel arrangements. A tour bus will be bringing you to the Mornington Peninsula, your departure dock for your kayaking adventure.

On the way, your ride will give you a view of the famous Port Phillip Bay. The assigned tour guide will gladly explain to you the history of the area so that you will know the story behind the early settlers in the Port. You will also see many rare animals and plants in the waters such as penguins, dolphins and seals. The kayaking trip ends with a picnic lunch in a public park.